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Are you on the hunt for a ualified and trusted local tree surgeon? Well look no further, Pioneer Tree Felling tick all of those boxes and much, much more.

There may be many Johannesburg tree surgeons to choose from. Still, Pioneer Tree Felling take pride in providing unmatched customer service driven tree surgeon services to commercial and domestic clients throughout Roodepoort, Johannesburg and the surrounding areas.

Our fully qualified arborists have been trained in the latest tree surgery techniques, have many years of experience in arboriculture and undertake a comprehensive selection of tree-related tasks on a day to day basis. From tree pruning to hedge trimming and stump grinding to tree removal, we have the skill and equipment to tackle all jobs, large or small.

We always deliver the highest quality of work and aim to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for every customer.


Do you require a tree felling in Johannesburg or our total Johannesburg tree removal service? Pioneer Tree Felling makes use of the most up-to-date sectional and straight felling methods to remove unwanted trees both safely and with as little disruption as possible.


Pioneer Tree Felling provide expert tree pruning and crown reduction services in Johannesburg. Tree pruning is a delicate task and must be completed correctly to ensure the longevity of the tree.

Our experienced tree surgeons have numerous pruning techniques to help you reach your desired tree surgery objective. You’ll be pleased to know they are by no means exclusive, and we commonly use a combination of techniques to complement each other. For example; we often pair a crown reduction, with crown cleaning and a crown-raise.

It is a general industry rule to avoid, when pruning, removing over 30% of the crown. Removal of more than 30% may harm the health of the tree and could jeopardise its safety. Poor or over-pruning, e.g. topping, upsets the natural structure of the tree and often results in expedited re-growth. 

We will now identify and describe some standard pruning methods utilised by Pioneer Tree Felling and, also highlight some poor actions to evade.


Tree Stumps can not only be very unsightly but also pose and a real trip hazard. We provide a professional stump grinding service using high-tech and heavy-duty equipment which makes light work of the task while minimising damage to your lawn.


The most common causes of tree failure are poor maintenance, storms and bad weather. They can bring down even the biggest of trees, damaging buildings or surrounding property and blocking vital access. If a fallen tree is causing you problems, Call Pioneer Tree Felling, and we’ll make the situation safe and clear the tree.
The price of hiring a tree surgeon in Johannesburg can vary widely. There are many factors which determine the cost of hiring a tree surgeon but generally speaking it will be dependent on the size and specification of the job, the quality of workmanship and the operating costs of the contractor. With that in mind, Pioneer Tree Felling’s goal is to provide affordable tree surgery, at the most competitive price without sacrificing on the quality of work. Many self proclaimed “tree surgeons” or rogue traders can offer tree services at a lower cost, but this is usually because they don’t have the relevant qualifications, training or insurance required. Rogue contractors may also present a lower price if they plan to take risks concerning health and safety or compromise on the quality of work. The pricing of tree work is a complicated matter. Yet, we have put together a simple guideline of how we calculate the costs and how much we charge for our tree removal/tree felling, tree stump removal and hedge trimming services. Although please remember that each job is unique and as a result, will have its own set of considerations which will be reflected in the total cost.

If the tree is near a path/road, we may need to obtain permission to close the path or have to implement traffic management. As you might expect, there will be additional costs to facilitate traffic management and path closures.

Similar to the trees, the waste generated from the removal can take up a considerable amount of room. With that in mind, it’s most commonly the case that our clients ask us to remove all the arisings from the site. Disposal of green waste comes at a cost to ourselves, and we will need to account for this in the pricing. Alternatively, we are happy to leave any branches, chippings or cordwood you may have a use for, and we may be able to offer a discount as a result.
Do it yourself tree surgery is something we would most definitely advise against doing. Without suitable training and PPE, using a chainsaw alone is dangerous enough, that partnered with felling an unpredictable tree is a recipe for disaster. Our advice would be to leave it to the professionals, save yourself time, stress and the risk of injury. Pioneer Tree Felling’s arborists have a wealth of experience felling trees of all shapes and sizes, plus we’ve had all the necessary training to minimise risk to property or persons alike.

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