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Pioneer Tree Felling offer Expert Tree Felling in Roodeport

Count on the highly trained specialists at Pioneer Tree Felling to remove hazardous and intrusive trees from your garden or domestic property in Roodepoort or anywhere in Johannesburg.

Tree Felling Roodepoort Johannesburg

Tree Felling Roodepoort

Tree Felling is usually the quickest and most efficient way of being able to remove and process a tree to our client’s specified requirements.
With relatively few and simple cuts - and space permitting - the tree can be quickly and safely on the ground and ready to be processed as needed.

Situations where felling may be the best way to complete the job would be:
Thinning out woodland where multiple trees need to be removed and where the risks of damage to property are negligible
Assisted felling: this is where a pulling line is secured to the top of the tree so that it can be felled in a desired direction, avoiding the risk of damage to surrounding property.

To remove and process the tree in the quickest and most efficient way where the trunk of a tree has commercial value

Tree Felling Roodepoort Johannesburg

Our Tree Felling services include:

Sectional dismantling
Stump Removal
Tree waste cleared and recycled
Tree surgery

We carry out a tree felling service, which involves careful planning to cut down the tree in an efficient way. You can also choose us for stump removal and dangerous tree removal in Roodepoort.

Tree Felling specialists
The tree specialists at Pioneer Tree Felling will evaluate the risks of each fell on its own merit before commencing any felling operations, with an emphasis on safety, particularly as regards minimising the risk to the property, its surroundings and the environment.

We'll be glad to discuss and advise you on any felling requirements you might have.


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